Friday, February 10, 2012


My staff threw me a sweet going away party

It's just after midnight and I'm pretty much packed and my suitcase isn't completely full.  The way I normally pack, this almost feels like something's wrong.  But I'm hoping it means that I'm just ready to go.  Flying to Rio tomorrow on what will be an 18 hour trip including three flights.  Feeling under the weather which I'm not excited about.  But it's Carnaval in summertime in Rio!  I can't be anything but excited!  I was fortunate to go to Rio and Salvador a little over a year ago and fell in love with Brazil.  I met great people, I heard great music and had great opportunities to play, and everyone was just as late as I was all the time but somehow we were all on time.  I loved it.  I've decided that later this year I'm going to spend an extended stay somewhere in Brazil for three to six months, more if I can find a way.  So this three week trip is an exploratory one to think about future plans, look for potential future jobs, and think about my life's path.  Oh, and also I'll be on vacation in Rio during Carnaval!

I don't have too many set plans yet but I'm hoping they will come together after I arrive.  My goals are to hear tons of music, dance my heart out, and play as much drums and clarinet as I can.  If I take anything away from this trip, I just want it to be inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

I'll be picked up on Saturday by my new friend and pen-pal Leonardo who I have yet to meet in person.  He'll take me to the apartment in Copacabana where I'll spend five days in the apartment of a family friend I knew when I was a kid and his Norwegian roommates.  After that it's to an apartment in the neighborhood of Gloria, and after that I'm still looking for places to stay.  So here I go!  I am so grateful to my boss and colleagues at work for making taking this three week leave possible and easy and to my family and friends for being so supportive.  Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be many adventures to come.

From the going away card from my staff :)

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